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How to hide photo and video in android phone

Hide photo and video: Do you know that you can hide photos, videos or other documents that are in the gallery without the app in the mobile gallery?

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Hide photo and video in android phone

How to hide photo video in gallery, and how to unhide photo, we will answer all these questions in this post.

how do i hide photos in my gallery without any app. Many apps also come to lock the entire gallery, but if you install the app, then you do not need to download the Android app, but you fill the internal memory, your work can go on even without the app.

Once you hide a photo or video, you can see it and you can unhide it whenever you want, you do not need to fear that we have hidden the video photo, then it will not be unhide, its command is in your hands. Hide or unhide whenever you want.

Along with this, they are also saying that only photos, not videos, whatever documents are there in the mobile gallery like folders like whatsapp image, whatsapp video, camra,screenshot, download can hide any one or all of them.

There are many folders in the mobile gallery, if you have downloaded any app like photo backround remover app, then remove the background of a photo and download the photo, then it becomes a separate folder and the photo gets saved in that folder.

You can also create a folder in the mobile gallery as per your wish, then such folders are hidden, want to hide one folder or two or three more, if you want the entire gallery to be hidden, if someone opens the gallery, he should not see anything empty. If seen, he can also do it.

I want if you have any picture, want to hide it, it is shot with camera, then it will go in camera folder, there are some photos which do not want to be kept in camera folder, then create a separate folder for those photos in that folder. Send it then hide it or if you want to hide the entire camera folder, you can do that too.

How to Hide photo or video in mobile gallery

  • Switch on your mobile.
  • Open Mobile gallery.
  • Secect the three dots in the right side corner.
  • Select hide unhide albums.
  • Check box which you want to hide.
  • Click apply in the top right corner.

By the way, it has been told, but now we will do a practical how to hide all the folders in the phone’s gallery, be it the camera folder, the WhatsApp images folder, or any video folder, without taking any tension.

Suppose I want to hide the whatsapp images folder so that no one can see all the photos that have come on my WhatsApp.

When any person opens the gallery, he should not see the folder containing WhatsApp photos. We will do something like this and go crazy thinking that it has WhatsApp but where does its photo go.

Open your phone’s gallery and select the three dots in the top corner as shown in the photo.

The entire gallery will show and check boxes will appear on all the folders, click on the folder you want to hide and check it.

Then aply will appear in the corner, click on it, just back the phone and see that the folder with my whatsapp images has disappeared, it is not visible.

I think there is some benefit from this post, I have learned something, there is no need to download any Android application, just follow the steps without taking tension.

How to hide photo video in mobile gallery without installing app. How to hide photo folder or video folder in the gallery, the solution has been found, that too in a different way.

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