Hanuman Status Video [2024]

Updated: Feb, 17 2024 06:49 am

Hanuman Status Video: Hello friends, Are you looking at Hanuman Status Video, Then you are now the best place on the internet, We are providing lots of Jay Hanuman Status Video collections here.

Hanumanji status video download
Hanumanji status video download

About Hanumanji

The present God on earth is Hanumanji, who is immortal and constantly immersed in chanting Ram Naam. Hanumanji, the incarnation of Shiva i.e. Rudravatar, is also called Vayuputra. Whose speed is as fast as air? Son of Kesari and Anjani, a dear devotee of Rama. In Kali Yuga, if a human being worships Hanumanji with a sincere mind, he is immediately pleased with him and completes his mental work. Those whose names are just ghosts, phantoms stay away. Any kind of hardship that comes in life can destroy those at the moment. Saturday and Tuesday are considered special days for worship. Only by placing oil, vermilion, and garlands of numbers, His grace remains on us.


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Hanuman status video Download

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